J. Drahoš (Congress Chairperson, President of the Czech Society of Chemical Engineering – CSChE)

P. Klusoň (Congress Vice-Chairperson)

J. Kosek (Congress Vice-Chairperson)

P. Stehlík (Vice-President of the Czech Society of Chemical Engineering - CSChE)

M. Jahoda (Chairperson of Scientific Committee)

Z. Boháčová (Chairperson of Organising Committee)

K. Sora (Scientific Programme Adviser)

B. Böck (Editor in Chief of CET)

L. Obalová (CET Special Issue Guest Editor)


G. Veronesi (President of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering – EFCE)

A. E. Nelson (President-elect of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers – AIChE)

P. Cingr (President of the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic)



The main tasks of the Congress Scientific Committee are to formulate the conference programme, to nominate and select the keynote speakers, to seek and ensure the high scientific quality of the accepted contributions, and to distribute them according to the scope and form of the sections.

J. Aubincano (FR), H. J. Bart (DE), B. Böck (DE), D. Bogle (UK), T. Brányik (CZ), Z. Bubník (CZ), P. Čapek (CZ), J.G. Crespo (PT), L. Čurda (CZ), F. Debaste (BE), E. Drioli (IT), H. Feise (DE), J. Hanika (CZ), P. Holzhauser (CZ), P. Izák (CZ), M. Jahoda (CZ), J. Kosek (CZ), J. Levec (SI), G. Montante (IT), A. Muramatsu (JP), V.D. Nichita (FR), T. Noel (NL), L. Obalová (CZ), H.J. Pasman (NL), N.I. Pecherkin (RU), M. Poletto (IT), A. Ramírez Gómez (ES), F. Rejl (CZ), E. Šárka (CZ), O. Šolcová (CZ), K. Sora (DE), K. Soukup (CZ), H. Sovová (CZ), A. Stankiewicz (NL), P. Stanovský (CZ), P. Stavárek (CZ), T. Svěrák (CZ), M. Šyc (CZ), J. Tříska (CZ), T. Van Gerven (BE), P. Zámostný (CZ), M. Zedníková (CZ)


If you just want to be informed about Congress news or if you want to submit a paper later, please fill in the Congress Application Form.

You will receive a personal password to access to your personal user pages.


Contributions may be presented as keynote, oral or poster. Presentations should preferably be of a wider scope or significance. Authors should indicate their preferred form of presentation, but the Scientific Committee reserves the right to make the final decision. The Congress language will be English.

Poster presentation

The majority of papers will be presented as posters and are therefore a very important part of the Congress programme.

Try to arrange your poster in such a way that at first glance it gives a clear and understandable picture of your work, even to those participants who are not familiar with your particular field of interest. Give preference to diagrams, pictures and charts. The text should be very concise, emphasising the particular aim of your work, its significance, its application, and the key formulas and symbols. Leave the details to discussion with those interested.

The size of the poster board is 130 cm (height) by 96 cm (width) portrait (for A0 poster). Presenters will label their posters with a heading that includes the title (in letters at least 4 cm high) and the name(s) of the author(s), affiliation, city and country (in letters at least 2 cm high). Letters smaller than 1 cm are not suitable. Posting only a printout of the full text is not in keeping with the spirit and purpose of the poster session.

Presenters will place their posters on the designated boards before the start of the poster session and remove them immediately after the session.


As an extra service, we can print your poster in A0 format. Your poster will be hung during CHISA 2024 in the corresponding poster session.

If you wish to use this service, please send us a PDF file with your poster and the serial number of the paper to and you will receive the invoice. The price for this service is 40 EUR.

The size of the poster should be A0 (841 x 1189 mm), portrait. The deadline for sending the PDF of your poster for printing is 15 August 2024.


Lecture presentation

As the oral sessions follow a rigid time schedule, a regular lecture including discussion cannot last longer than 20 minutes. Forty minutes are usually reserved for the keynote lecture.

Data Projectors. The lecture rooms are equipped with a data projector/PC running PowerPoint software. We are not equipped for Macintosh software. Internet connection will be available in all lecture rooms.

Presentations should be in English. Please use short sentences, a slower pace of speech and clear and distinct pronunciation. This applies especially to presenters speaking in their native language (i.e. English).

Presentations should be uploaded to the lecture room 15 minutes before the start of your session.


Papers must be submitted using the Congress Application Form.

Each application must be accompanied by a max. 2 pages of summary in English (please see the friendly instructions below), uploaded via the interactive application form. Applications without a summary will not be considered. The abstract should be comprehensive and suitable for review by the members of the Scientific Committee. The deadline for submitting an application for oral presentation is 31 January 2024 (extended till 29 February). Late applications for oral presentations will be considered in exceptional cases. Posters will be accepted until the beginning of the Congress, but only those received before 31 May 2024 will be included in the final programme.

At the time of submission, CHISA authors will be asked to indicate their intention to submit a paper as an article for the special congress issues.

Important note: Due to time and space limitations, only one oral presentation and two poster presentations are allowed per registered (and paid) participant.

Each author will receive an email confirming receipt of the submission. Notification of final acceptance of CHISA papers will be sent in March 2024.


At least one of the authors must register as a participant and pay the registration fee before 30 April 2024, otherwise the paper will not be included in the programme. The author may update the original summary at any time before 31 May 2024 via his/her user page. It is assumed that the original title of the paper will not be significantly modified.


The summary must be prepared in any version of MS Word (in *.docx or *.doc format) on a maximum of two A4 pages (297x210 mm) with all margins of 25 mm. The text should be single-spaced and in Times New Roman font.

Please start at the top of the page with the title of your paper (not capitalised, left-aligned, bold, 14 pt); a maximum of 150 characters including spaces is allowed for the title. Skip two lines below the title and enter the name(s) of the author(s) in the following order: first name(s), last name(s) (font size 12 pt, left-aligned). Underline the name of the presenting author. On the next line, give the affiliations of the authors with full postal addresses; telephone, fax and e-mail addresses are desirable (12 pt, left-aligned).

Then skip two lines and begin your summary: single-spaced, justified, non-bold, 12 pt, Times New Roman. You may include any text, equations, figures, references, etc. in the space provided.

An example of summary is available in MS-Word template(.docx file)

Please follow all the instructions very carefully to achieve the formal appearance of a summary as close as possible to this template. Unfortunately, most summaries do not usually follow these instructions. They will therefore need to be formally reformatted by the Scientific Committee Editor, which will not be responsible for any changes that may result from such reformatting. Each author is responsible for the quality and content of his/her summary. Any summary that does not meet the above requirements will not be accepted and the author will be notified.


Registration of the presenting author for CHISA 2024 is mandatory for each accepted paper. The deadline for registration of the presenting author is 30 April 2024. If the presenting author has not registered, the paper will be withdrawn from the programme. Acceptance of a paper does not automatically imply registration of the author.


  • The deadline for submission of oral presentation is 31 January 2024 (extended till 29 February).
  • The deadline for standard registration is 30 April 2024.
  • The deadline for submission of poster presentation is 31 May 2024.
  • The deadline for paper authors is June 10th. Only papers with a registered presenting author by this date will be included in the final program.
  • Content of the abstract can be modified until 31 July 2024.


Best poster competition for students

Engage, showcase, and win! We're thrilled to announce the Best Student Poster Competition at CHISA 2024. This is your opportunity to present your research, share your insights, and compete for recognition. Open to all students participating in the congress, the competition aims to highlight outstanding contributions to the field of chemical and process engineering.

Submit your abstract, create an eye-catching poster, and join us for this exciting contest. It's not just about winning; it's about connecting with peers, gaining exposure, and celebrating the innovative spirit of the next generation in our field.

Aside from the chance to showcase your research on a global stage, the winners will receive a financial reward and a distinguished mention in their CVs. This opportunity not only celebrates academic excellence but also adds a valuable accomplishment to your professional profile.





Standard registration before April 30 - 690 EUR / after April 30 - 760 EUR 
Students (incl. PhD students) before April 30 - 490 EUR / after April 30 - 550 EUR
Accompanying family members 150 EUR 
Exhibition booth at MARCHES
(one registration fee included)
2500 EUR

(The fee includes 21 % VAT.)

Congress documentation, Opening ceremony, Congress concerts, light lunches and student beer party are included in the registration fee. Authors pay the same registration fee as participants without a contribution.

The fee for accompanying persons includes Opening ceremony, Congress Concert, light lunch. Accompanying persons do not have access to the scientific programme.

Congress dinner: 70 EUR (including drinks).

At least one of the authors must register before 30 April 2024 in order to receive an invoice for payment of the registration fee and/or ordered services. This invoice must be paid in time (by 15 May 2024), otherwise the paper(s) will not be included in the programme. Please note that submitting a paper does not automatically imply registration. The registration form is available here.


The registration fee will be refunded (less a 10% administration fee) if cancellation is received in writing before 12 July 2024. No refunds will be given after this date.


We can recommend the following hotels/hostels. In general, any hotel in Prague 1 (near the Hradčanská, Staroměstská, Můstek or Náměstí Republiky metro stations) or Prague 6 (Dejvická metro station) would be a good choice.

Hotel Diplomat ****

Hotel International ****

Hotel Krystal *** 

Hostel and hotel Masarykova kolej




MARCHES 2024 - the MARket for CHemical Engineering and Services will also take place during CHISA 2024. If you are interested, please email us at


Organising Committee

Postal address: Czech Society of Chemical Engineering, CHISA Congress, Novotného lávka 5, 116 68 Prague 1, Czech Republic